Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Swim Swim Swim!

Nathan took 2 swim classes this summer. The first one was before our vacation and the second one was after we got back. Initially, they wanted him to take the first class over again because he wasn't quite ready to move on but then on the first day of the second session he passes all the requirements for that level so they went ahead and moved him up. He passed that one too! He did a great job and turned into quite a little fish this summer! He gave up his beloved Spiderman floaty suit and his arm floats and took to the water solo! He improved throughout the summer and really showed us what he can do! We are so proud of how great he did in his swim classes and also in learning to do so many new things in the water all on his own! Great job!

David also made progress this summer in the pool. He was brave and ventured away from the safety and comfort of his step in Grandma's and Grandpa's pool and learned that he can touch the bottom in the shallow end. He also loved to put his face in the water and kinda snorkel around with his goggles on. He did so great and we are super proud of him too! He would let us hold him and he would kick his legs. We even got him to try to do some arm strokes. As long as we held onto him, he did great! He has really overcome some of his fears in the pool this summer and we are looking forward to all the progress he will continue to make as time passes.

Jonathan wasn't sure about the water at first but eventually he grew to love being in the pool. It seemed to relax him at times and then other times he was just excited and was splashing and kicking all over the place! He much preferred to be held than to ride in a baby float. I think it was easier to splash and kick in someone's arms than in the little boat float! What a cutie!


The Faux Family said...

Wow! You guys really were busy this summer! Glad to see all the updates! We miss you guys so much!

The Young's said...

I love that you finally put up some pictures of your LONG summer vacations! :)

BTW...I tagged you. Check out my blog! :)

Jenna said...

It looks like they all had soo much fun!!!