Friday, November 7, 2008

Therapeudic fun!

Jonathan has speech therapy and occupational therapy, combined, every Monday morning. He has spent some time warming up to his therapists and the therapy room, sizing things up and trying to decide what he thinks. Well, I think he's decided therapy is fun, at least sometimes. He works so hard for Jamie(speech) and Christine(occupational) and his hard work is paying off these days! He continues to scream at all of us on a regular basis but seems to enjoy challenging his therapists on a regular basis. He's such a problem solver that they are having to get creative in order to get him to do the things they want him to do. I think he enjoys this little game he plays with them.

He loves to play with the balls from the ball pit both in and out of the ball pit!

Recently they've been trying to get him to try some new things, like the giant lumpy pillows and the platform swing. This week he eventually gave in and took a chance on both things. He got to be pretty comfortable with the pillows but he's not so sure about that swing yet. It just keeps moving every time he touches it! He does like to spin it around to get the toys they've put on the far side of it.

The goal was to get him to get on the swing to get the toys but he's too clever to fall for their little tricks! Heeheehee! What a cutiepie! It's so exciting to see all the new things he's trying lately! Here's a few pics of Jonathan at therapy! I'm also adding a little video of him playing with Jamie with the ball pit balls. He was so excited that I just HAD to catch it on camera! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The End of the Season

The time has come once again for David's last Miracle League baseball game of the season. The Fall 2008 season was a great success! David really enjoyed playing and spending all that time with Doug and I think Doug enjoyed it too! They seemed to have a great time bonding together.

Waiting patiently for his turn at bat...

He has also started to interact more with some of his teammates and Coach Hannah, which is so fun to watch. Coach Hannah is the reason we return to the Dodgers team each season! She has been so great for David! She obviously loves the time she spends with all of her kids and David adores her!


And the entire experience wouldn't be complete without an injury, right?!

He's also started to really enjoy posing for pictures which is quite funny actually and super cute especially from the kid who has always HATED pictures! All in all, he had a great season!

Nathan enjoyed the playground at every game this season. However, he managed to escape the camera lens so I have no pictures of him playing! Jonathan enjoyed pushing his stroller around all over the place which meant that I had very little opportunity to actually watch David's games since I was chasing Jonathan everywhere! He's become quite the little adventurer though. He even took his stroller off-road many times!

You've gotta love this face!!!