Friday, December 14, 2007


I've actually been tagged by two people at the same time but I'm only doing this once! I really wish I had more interesting things to say but here I go.

1. I really don't worry about Doug when he's at work that much. Everyone always wants to know how I manage to not go insane with worry. I've learned not to think about the "what ifs" because if I spent every night thinking about all the scary things that could happen while he is on duty then I would have to be committed to a mental institution. I choose to be supportive of him and his chosen career and to be proud of him for the things that he has accomplished as a police officer. I love to hear his stories and his impersonations of people he comes in contact with. Police officers have this whole different language that I've begun to learn but every once in a while I have to ask him what the heck he's talking about! LOL! Recently he arrested a man who had committed several rapes in the area. Doug received a letter of commendation for making that arrest. It makes me so proud of him to know that he is good at what he does and that he's out there making things safer every time he goes to work.

2. I want to go to culinary school and become a pastry chef and open a bakery some day! I've always been fascinated with cake decorating and various patries and desserts and I have just wanted to learn all of those things. Plus Visalia really needs a good bakery! Maybe I'll get there some day. I'm in love with the show "Ace of Cakes" on food network and I also love to see the cake decorating competitions they show sometimes! It amazes me the things that they can do with cake and icing and fondant and gum paste and sugar!

3. Fragile X info cards saved many people from being verbally assaulted for their comments about David in the past 5 years. I used to get so angry at some of the things that people would say about David. It's not as bad as it used to be because he is more in control due to more maturity and the right meds but we still get comments. I just hate the dirty looks and the nasty, snide remarks about how he behaved or how he talked or that he was crying or whatever, they were just jabs at him and at me as a mother and I resented every single one of them. I still do. There are still some incidents that stick in my mind that if I remember it for some reason one day I still get pretty upset by them. David's big for his age so people always assume he's at least a year older than he is if not 2 years older. He also doesn't look "different" so they don't know there's a reason for the way he is. I've learned so much from being his mom. I know that before I had kids I would judge other people for the way their kids were behaving and now I just realize that you never know what is going on with a child. You never know if that child might be autistic or have some other "issue" like Fragile X or something else that makes life harder for them than for the rest of us. I have learned that you can't judge anyone because you just never know. People judge me and they judge David and it hurts. He is the sweetest little boy I've ever met and those people who can't see through the crying and the tantrums and see the real David are missing out because he is super special to me. So back to the cards, when I found them I was at my boiling point with people in general so I got them and I learned to carry them with me everywhere and if someone made a comment or gave a dirty look or if someone was extra nice to David, I gave them a card. Some people are surprised and say they had no idea. Some apologize. Some are snooty and just walk away. Some are still rude. But at least I know I did my part to spread the word about Fragile X that day and hopefully someday the world will be more accepting of David and Jonathan and all the other kids who are different all over the world.

4. I love to cross stitch! I am picky about the projects I'll do because I am not going to do it just to do it. I have to be motivated to finish it so I can give it away or put it up in my house, which I have never actually finished one that I've started for myself. I have 3 in progress right now for myself but I just haven't finished them. One was started 9 years ago, another was started about 6 years ago and the most recent one I started about a month ago. For some reason I just keep giving them away and I never finish the ones for myself. I am determined to finish at least one of them in the coming year though!

5. I like those teeny bopper kids shows on Disney and Nichelodeon, like Hannah Montana, Drake & Josh, and that one with Jamie Lynn Spears on it. Can't think of the name of it right now! I only watch them if the kids are watching them but I secretly like watching them. I think they are clever and funny and yet still clean!

6. I'm addicted to those Variety Puzzle books that you get at the grocery store. They have lots of different kinds of games in them and I go through and do the ones I like and then get new ones! I am always looking for the new ones to come out cause I've gone through the ones I have so fast that I don't have any more to do until the new books are on the shelves! I like the word puzzles mostly but I also like the sudoku puzzles and the logic puzzles although I almost never get the logic puzzles right and I end up giving up on them cause I can't figure them out.

Ok... Now I am tagging Melissa Dixon, Aisha Fish, Jamie Pace, Mom, Meagan and Nicki(guess you better start a blog if you haven't yet)!


Melissa said...

Cute pics! I haven't been at the computer much so I got behind on looking at your blog. It's fun to see what you have been up to. The kids are so cute--I wish I could have seen more of them while we were there!! Who knows when we will see you guys again, hopefully it won't be too long!

Anonymous said...

Fragile X cards are a Godsend. and I love to cross stitch too :)

Jamie said...

Tiff so funny to read those things about you! You are a very interesting person! I have been tagged so many times but still have to mantain I am just going to pass on the things about myself, I'd rather just write about the kids....I am not interesting enough! Can't wait to see you soon.