Monday, January 24, 2011

Finn's Blessing

Blessing Finn

Our (formerly blogged) trip to Utah was for us all to attend the blessing of Mike & Melissa's newest addition, Finn Burke Pace. What a special day for such a special little guy! He was adorable and the blessing was beautiful I felt the spirit very strongly in my heart that day.Welcome to the world little Finn! We love you so much!

Aunt Mandy holding Finn

What a proud Auntie!

Big Brother Beckham hiding under a table
Sweet Baby Finn
Proud Papa
Beckham & Grandpa
Nathan & Meagan loving on Finn

The Pace Family

Meagan, Grandpa Pace, Tiffany & Amanda

Melissa, Beckham, Michael & Finn


Winter Adventures in Utah

A family trip to Utah in March for the blessing of Mike & Melissa's newest addition, Finn, (to be blogged later) was and adventure in so many ways. Here are just a few or our many adventures...

A Snowy Traffic Jam (Only in Utah...)
Good Ole King Henry Apts.
Visiting My First EVER Home Away From Home

Me, Amanda & Jason Battling Some Serious Wind & Snow (the wind almost took the car door off when we opened it!)

Nathan's 8th birthday

Well I thought i already blogged about Nathan's birthday but apparently I've been slacking on the blogging so here it is...

Happy Birthday Nathan!

When I look at you, I am amazed at the incredible person you are becoming. Each day you are growing and learning so much! You are so loving and compassionate to your brothers and to all those around you. You love animals and you continue to lecture your cat, Tony, about him killing other animals and bringing them to you as "presents" because this makes you sad and you tell him he shouldn't do it anymore. Of course, Tony continues to do this because he loves  you more than anyone and this is how kitties show their boys their love. You always forgive him but you have even tried to keep him from going outside anymore to keep him from hunting anymore. He always finds a way to sneak out. He sleeps in your bed with you every night, cuddled in your arms. You and Tony truly belong together as friends and companions. 

Your favorite color is RED.
You love to play outside, riding your bike, rollerblading, or simply exploring the neighborhood and the orchards behind us. 

Hamming it up for the camera

Nathan with David C. at Adventure Park party
David, Aunt Mandy, and Nathan at Adventure Park
Aunt Mandy's Puzzle Present (a gift certificate to visit her in Huntington Beach)

Happy with his new Wheels!

Bakugan cake (cheesecake!)

Such a handsome birthday boy!

Mardi Gras 2010

Mardi Gras 2010
I had the privaledge of attending the Mardi Gras event sponsored by The Creative Center last spring. I had a great time with Mom & Dad, Dave & Kim and my good friend Stephanie. It was so much fun to look at all the great art that was on display (and for sale) that had been created by such incredibly special people in our community. This event was especially close to my heart since I anticipate the one day I may have children who are participating in activities at the Creative Center. The food was great, the entertainment was great and the company was even better! Enjoy some pics!
The Entrance

The Photo Op
The Ceiling Lighting (the pictures done do it justice, it was amazing)

The Gambling (for charity of course)
Mom & Dad - Thanks for taking us with you to the party!

Uncle Dave & Auntie Kim - Love them!
Steph and Me having a blast

The Famous Chef Steph!!!

ME! (Duh!)
The Art Display

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nathan IS Michael Jackson!

Nathan's school announced a few weeks ago that they were going to have a lip sync. Songs had to be 25 years old or older so Nathan and I got on YouTube and started looking at some classics...Elvis, Michael Jackson, etc. He decided he wanted to do Thriller by Michael Jackson. Sounded like a good choice to me! We went and bought a CD with the song on it. They were only allowed to do 60 seconds of a song so we chose the first 1:02 which included the intro music and the first verse and chorus. Nathan was really excited about it and practiced lots at school and recruited 2 friends to perform it with him. They were his "zombies"! They did such a great job and were so cute. I used an old long sleeved red t-shirt of Nathan's and black duct tape to create the signature red jacket that Michael Jackson wore in the Thriller video. Here are some great pictures and a video of Nathan's performance. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweet and Funny Jonathan

Sweet Jonathan

Funny Jonathan