Monday, January 24, 2011

Nathan's 8th birthday

Well I thought i already blogged about Nathan's birthday but apparently I've been slacking on the blogging so here it is...

Happy Birthday Nathan!

When I look at you, I am amazed at the incredible person you are becoming. Each day you are growing and learning so much! You are so loving and compassionate to your brothers and to all those around you. You love animals and you continue to lecture your cat, Tony, about him killing other animals and bringing them to you as "presents" because this makes you sad and you tell him he shouldn't do it anymore. Of course, Tony continues to do this because he loves  you more than anyone and this is how kitties show their boys their love. You always forgive him but you have even tried to keep him from going outside anymore to keep him from hunting anymore. He always finds a way to sneak out. He sleeps in your bed with you every night, cuddled in your arms. You and Tony truly belong together as friends and companions. 

Your favorite color is RED.
You love to play outside, riding your bike, rollerblading, or simply exploring the neighborhood and the orchards behind us. 

Hamming it up for the camera

Nathan with David C. at Adventure Park party
David, Aunt Mandy, and Nathan at Adventure Park
Aunt Mandy's Puzzle Present (a gift certificate to visit her in Huntington Beach)

Happy with his new Wheels!

Bakugan cake (cheesecake!)

Such a handsome birthday boy!