Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweet and Funny Jonathan

Sweet Jonathan

Funny Jonathan

Jonathan's 1st Day of Preschool

We went to the school a few days before he started to get his paperwork turned in and such. There's a few pics from that day and a bunch from his first day of preschool. He walked right in the classroom on his first day and wanted to jump right into the middle of everything! His teacher said he did great and was happy as could be, for a boy who had to be there in the middle what is usually nap time! He LOVES preschool and we are so excited to see how much progress he is making all the time now!

A few days before...
First Day of Preschool

Road Trip!!!!

In February, we took a road trip to Arizona to see cousin Jacob get baptized. The drive was uneventful and the weekend was fun. Didn't get a lot of pics but here's a few!

Jonathan's 3rd Birthday!!!

On February 8, Jonathan turned 3 years old! What a big boy! We had a great little party with cake and presents and lots of fun! Jonathan got a big boy bed with big boy dinosaur decorations, a sand and water table and lots of fun toys! He had a great time celebrating and we had fun watching him enjoy it!

Big Boy Bed & Big Boy Room

The Presents

The Cake

Happy Birthday Jonathan

Last day at Bright Start

Jonathan had his last day of therapy at Bright Start. It was bittersweet. We miss Jamie and Christine (and Loreen and everyone else) so much but we are so thankful to all who were a part of Jonathan's huge progress in his first 3 years of life! Here's some pics from his last day of OT and Speech therapy at Bright Start with Jamie and Christine!

Things Jonathan learned at Bright Start...

 (He used to hate it! Found every possible way to avoid it! Now he LOVES it!!!)



PUSHING & PULLING!!! (sometimes at the same time!)

HITTING!!! (appropriately of course!)

Christine, Jonathan, Jamie

Exhausted at the end of Therapy but not too exhausted to POSE!!!

Thank you to everyone at Bright Start who made my little guy work so hard and gave him such a great jump on life!
He wouldn't be where he is without any one of you!