Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nathan's 6th Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Nathan!

It was a great day! He got to wear a crown at school and be "chief" for the day because it was his birthday and he shared cupcakes with his classmates!

Yesterday, Grandma called and wanted to know if she could pick Nathan up from school and take him to lunch and shopping so he could spend the gift card she had given him on Saturday so we made plans for that and then about an hour later Grandpa called and wanted to know if he could take Nathan golfing for his birthday! I told him that he could but he'd have to call Grandma and talk to her because she'd already booked some time on Nathan's apparently busy birthday schedule! Poor Grandpa! He decided that he and Nathan would have to go golfing another day! It was kind of funny though. He had no idea that Grandma had already made plans with Nathan! What a popular little boy he was today! That is one thing that is so nice about living close to family is that we get to enjoy those little things with them more often rather than trying to cram that bonding into just a few short days! What a blessing! We all wish we could be closer to ALL of our family but it's still fun to be close to the ones we can. We just miss the rest! I know Nathan missed his Nana today and he also was missing Noah and Adam! He really wants to invite them to his birthday party but they are just too far away! I told him we would have to have a big birthday party for all the kids next time we get together!

After school, Grandma picked him up and took him to lunch at Burger King because he wanted a monster truck toy. Then they went to Target to spend his birthday gift card on something fun! Grandma gave him a Dinosaur Curator Set so he can take dinosaur skeletons and give them "skin"! He is very excited to try it out! He also got the Power Rangers Jungle Fury Red Tiger Ultimate action gear play set. Very cool!

When they were done, Grandma brought him back to me with all his goodies! We went home and he played for a while.

He chose to have "curly" pasta (again) for his birthday dinner and then he wanted a chocolate Transformers cake with chocolate chips added to the batter. The cake decorations were a bit of a fiasco but in the end it worked out just fine! He insisted that he wanted a cake like one he saw in a party catalog but I couldn't find any Transformers cake decorations anywhere so I started calling all the bakeries at the grocery stores and they said they had them but they couldn't sell them to me without the cake! Ugh! So we had to improvise. Nathan remembered that he had a Optimus Prime (in truck form) toy that was small so he set about trying to find that while I got to work on the cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate chips added to the batter, per Nathan's request, then chocolate frosting with vanilla frosting piped on it to make a road and then I added "Happy Birthday Nathan" to it, on the road and Nathan found his Optimus Prime and washed it and we put him on the road! Then we crushed up Oreo cookies and put those all over the cake on the sides of the road to look like dirt/rocks! (I said it was dirt but Nathan insisted that it was rocks so we agreed that it was both.) It turned out cute and Nathan was very happy with it!

Dinner was yummy! Then we lit the candles on Nathan's cake and sang him Happy Birthday. Doug had to cover David's ears and then David put his own hands over Doug's but he didn't cry and didn't yell and didn't run away. He actually had a smile on his face. No singing yet though. Maybe someday. Nathan blew out the candles but then we had to relight them because David wanted to help blow them out so then they both blew them out and you would have though we had trick candles because one of them did not want to go out! The boys both thought that was hilarious! The cake was yummy, very moist and super chocolatey!

After cake we let Nathan open his presents! He got a book from David called 1001 Pirate Things to Find. He's very excited about it and can't wait to start looking for all the hidden "treasures" in his new book! Jonathan gave him a new CareBears movie. He was so excited because he's been wanting this movie for months. Then we gave him the Ben10 "watch" that he's been asking for. It's not really a watch at all. It's actually a video game kinda thing but it goes on his wrist so he calls it a watch. David is desperate for one too so we told him he would have to wait for his birthday to get one! We also got him the Lego City Police Headquarters set. He is very into his legos lately and he is so excited to get started on this new set! (Although I think Doug is more excited than Nathan! Hmmm.)

As I was putting him to bed tonight, I asked him if he was happy with all of his presents and he said, "I'm happy with THIS!" (his Ben10 watch) I asked him if he didn't like his other presents and he said he was very happy with ALL of his presents. I asked him if he had had a good day and he said it was a very fun day! I likes all of his presents and he loved his dinner and his cake! I'm just glad it was a successful birthday and we don't have to do it again until next year! I'm exhausted! :o)


Kristiem10 said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Anonymous said...

i am jealous of the Happy bday nathan :)

Jamie said...

Sounds like a great birthday! The cake is so cute. Can't believe Nathan is already six! Wow what a little sweetie he is.

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