Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Amazing Developments of the Great Jonathan Wright

Our little Mr. Jonathan is growing like leaps and bounds and progressing more and more every day! He's so amazing and he makes everyone around him smile. Just one month ago he was barely learning to sit up unassisted and since then he has progressed even more. After he learned to sit up alone, he learned to change from sitting to any other position and back again. Then he started crawling which is amazing! He crawled before even 10 months old! Then he started pulling himself up to standing in his crib and then he started doing it on other furniture too. Now he's started to cruise along the sides of his crib and around his exersaucer. He still loves to sit in his exersaucer but he doesn't just sit there anymore or simply spin around to look at and play with all the different things. Nope. Now he JUMPS! He jumps in there and rocks the thing back and forth so hard that I swear he could tip it over if it didnt' have the little feet on it to keep it stable! He just thinks it's so much fun! He also has started talking a little bit. He says "mama", "dada", "do(g)" and "nana". We think we heard him say "no" once but he hasn't really said it since. He also loves the dog and cats now. He will sneak up on Aden and climb all over him and he loves it. He ends up with fistfulls of fur when he's done but we just wash his hands and he's all good!
He is also learning to play games. He and Nathan play this game when Jonathan is in his crib. Jonathan pulls up and stands at the side and then Nathan gives him a book. Jonathan holds the book for a few seconds and then he drops it. Nathan stars laughing and then Jonathan starts laughing and lets go and falls down in the crib! Then they do it all over again. It's hilarious to watch them. He laughs so hard.

He is a complete joy to our entire family! David and Nathan adore him and are constantly competing for time to play with him. They are starting to learn to share him but it's hard for them! His smile spreads across his whole face and his eyes light up and you can't help but adore him!