Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We Love Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It was Jonathan's first so that was special plus Nathan and David were really into the whole Santa thing. Nathan made sure we did everything right, right down to the cookies for Santa and the carrots for the reindeer.

For Christmas Eve, we went to Grandma & Grandpa's house for dinner. While everyone else started eating, I fed Jonathan his baby food and everyone got to enjoy his "Mmmm!" with each and every bite. It's very cute. Dinner was wonderful! Thanks Mom! Then we all chatted for a while and just enjoyed being together. After a while it was time for the Nativity. Now, growing up, us kids all used to dress up as the people in the nativity story and "act" out the scene but that' s a bit difficult now because we didnt' have any little girls to play Mary! We thought about dressing up David, Nathan and Jonathan as the 3 wise men but in the end I just decided they wouldn't be too thrilled about it. So instead, Nathan was given the job of putting the people and animals into the Little People Nativity set as Grandpa read the story to us from the scriptures. He did a wonderful job! After all of this, the kids were rewarded with their traditional Christmas eve gift of new Christmas pajamas and I also gave them each a new Christmas book. They loved their books and their pjs! The looked adorable too! We then took them home and put Jonathan to bed and then David and Nathan and I made sugar cookies for Santa to have a treat when he came to our house. The boys had a very hard time going to sleep that night but eventually they did and Santa was able to come and complete the task of setting out all their Christmas goodies.

This was the first year that David and Nathan actually did what we told them and came straight to our bedroom when they woke up instead of going to the living room first to see what they got! This was a huge accomplishment for them! And then they had to wait for little Jonathan to drink his bottle before we could proceed with the Christmas morning festivities! Such a hard wait it was! They were finally allowed to see their gifts and they were so excited! Santa brought David a handheld video game player with 50 different games one it and Battleship Torpedo Attack. He also got some new clothes, a DVD (The Wonder Pets Save the Reindeer). Santa brought Nathan a set of Legos in a box so he can built all sorts of cool things and a handheld video game player like David's. He also got some clothes and a DVD (My Friends Tigger and Pooh: A Super Sleuth Christmas Movie). Of course, 5 minutes later they were ready to open all their other presents but it was all ok. We let them open presents and they eventually settled down to play with only one or two things at a time! From Grandma & Grandpa they got the Ultimate Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megatron Transformers which they love but have not learned to transform by themselves yet which means Mom and Dad have to do it and we're not that great at it either! From Nana, David got a Power Rangers toy and Nathan got the new Spidermand 3 web blaster! They also got some clothes and a computer arts and crafts program that looks really so as soon as we can get them a computer monitor we will set that up for them! They love everything! Jonathan was not interested in opening any presents. He really only paid any attention to 2 of his new toys and then he just sat on the floor in the middle of it all and ignored it all! I think he might have been a tad bit overwhelmed by all the activity! I finally let him play in his exersaucer and he was a happy little boy once again!

Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Mandy came over for breakfast and to see what the kids had gotten for Christmas. I made french toast for everyone. It was yummy! We all ate up and even David had some! Then they headed home to relax until dinner time. Soon it was naptime for Jonathan and me and David and Nathan just played with their toys all day. We stayed in our pj's until it was time to go to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner and then we put them right back on when we got home! Again, dinner was delicious!

All in all it was a very fun and relaxing day once all of the morning chaos subsided. Doug was able to be with us for Christmas eve and Christmas morning but then he had to work Christmas night but he was here for all the best parts so that was a huge blessing. We miss him when he can't be here for those holidays and special times. Merry Christmas!


KarenM said...

Tiff, I just love reading your blog. Your happiness shows right through your colorful expressions of the daily goings-on in the Wright household. Keep it up! Sounds like my home when the boys (yes I have 3 boys also) tore into the Christmas gifts. Thanks for the pleasure you have given me today!