Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On to Idaho and Yellowstone

The Pace family took a trip to Idaho and Yellowstone this year together. We had a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery and all the fun outdoors activities!

We left Texas and drove north toward Idaho. We stopped at some point in the middle of the night and got a hotel room but I can't even remember where we stopped! We slept for only about 4 or 5 hours and then got back on the road again so we could get to Idaho and meet the rest of the Pace's at the cabin that we would be staying at. We got there before everyone else and we couldn't get into the cabin yet because it was still being cleaned for us so we just drove around and looked at all the other ginormous "cabins" around the area. It was beautiful and very close to the water. Eventually we all got into the cabin and got ourselves situated in separate rooms.

The first day was spent on the beach, playing in the water, riding jet skis and fishing. Jonathan slept most of the morning so I stayed there until he woke up and then we went down to the lake to join everyone else. The kids were all fishing and David got a hook caught in his leg but it wasn't bad and he pulled it out before any of the adults could get to it! He cried a bit but then he was fine. Doug and I went out on the jet ski for a while and then came back and took the kids back to the cabin. The water was cold but the area was gorgeous!

We also spent a day riding ATVs and other days were spent just relaxing around the cabin and enjoying being together. Doug and Nathan went white water rafting with almost everyone else except the youngest kids, me, Mom and David. We played games, watched movies, sat in the hot tub, roasted marshmallows, played pool and ate yummy food.

After church on Sunday, we took a ride into Yellowstone to visit the hot pots. We had a close encounter with a bison who decided to take a stroll down the middle of the road! The picture I got is not zoomed in at all! He was THAT close to our car! It was kinda crazy! The hot pots were cool to look at but it was very hot out there! Obviously! LOL! Jonathan enjoyed riding in the backpack on Doug's back and David and Nathan just loved following their daddy around everywhere!

On our last day, we went to see Old Faithful before we had to hit the road again and head home. It was pretty amazing to see that. The boys picked out some volcano making kits in the gift store and then we had to leave the Pace's for home. We drove to Alpine, UT that night and stayed with Lana, Jared and Laurie for the night and then headed home the next morning. On our way out of town though, we stopped at Cabella's and let the kids see all the animals they have on display and also try out the shooting game inside. We got home late and we were exhausted. We had a great trip but we were all happy to be home and sleep in our own beds finally! I think Jonathan was the happiest of all of us though!