Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Speaking of first born...David's 9th Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday David!

He's getting to be so big and grown up! How much progress we've made! We had two celebrations with him this year plus he got a party at school too! Thursday afternoon, the day before his real birthday, grandma and grandpa, Meagan and Nathan, and Mandy all came over to give him their presents for him and to have birthday cake. He loves his presents! He got a brand new bike which he is excited about, we just have to see if his special extra heavy duty training wheels will fit on it! He also got a couple of new outfits and Spiderman & Wolverine walkie talkies from Grandma & Grandpa! He and Nathan have been running aroung with those ever since although they haven't figured out that they have to push the button if they want to talk to each other and they have to let go of the button if they want to hear each other talking! LOL! We had ice cream cake and he even let us sing happy birthday to him! We asked him if it was ok if we sang quietly and he said sure so we did and he handled it great! He didn't cover his ears or cry or anything! He did so great! Here's pics from Thursday!

Then on Friday, May 30, we had a family celebration. We made David's favorite dinner, chickens and french fries! LOL! Then we opened presents. He got a new outfit from mom and dad and 2 new games. Nathan gave him a racecar computer game. Jonathan gave him an atm machine that counts his money when he puts it in except he keeps putting all the money in and then opening it up with his atm card and taking it all out(which does not zero out the total) and then putting it all back in again! He had around $7 in change and he had the total on that thing up to almost $80 by the end of the night! LOL! He also got his much anticipated Ben 10 omnitrix "watch"! He was so excited! He's been waiting for it since Nathan got one for his birthday back in February! We had a Superman cake and he loved it. Again, we asked if we could sing Happy Birthday to him and he said "yeah but soft ok?" We said ok and that's what we did. He smiled, he posed for pictures without putting things in front of his face! It was a wonderful birthday! I feel like this is the first time he has totally enjoyed his birthday completely. That's a wonderful feeling as a mom to know that your child has enjoyed his special day! Enjoy all the pics!


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday David! Glad he enjoyed his day.

Kristiem10 said...

Happy Birthday David! That first picture made me grin. He has a sweet smile.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE his smile!!! He is so darn handsome :)