Friday, March 14, 2008

Tagged again!!!!

So my lovely friend Nicki (love ya Nicki!), tagged me again! Here it is! (A little lightness after my rambling deep thoughts post seemed in order) :o)

10 Years ago...

Doug and I had been married for a whole 2 months. We were living in a very old, very small, one bedroom apartment in south Provo, UT and living in wedded bliss. I believe we were still in our honeymoon phase at this point! I think I had already gotten my first post-marriage job at Equity Title as the receptionist. I love it and really liked most everyone I worked with. It was a fun job, answering phones and various other duties. I really loved it and it came with benefits! I think Doug was still searching for a job, might have been working at Supersonic Car Wash at this point. That was a short lived job for him before he got hired at Hansen Vending and worked there delivering drinks and snacks and filling them vending machines with them. His arms got really buff really fast doing that! I was very fond of that little development! LOL! I believe Doug was going to school at night also, so we were pretty busy and just starting to meet some new people in our ward which consisted of young married couples in our apartment complex and the next one over. This is where we met the Parks as our next door neighbors and eventually the Cecils as well! We miss you guys!!!! Wasn't life simpler way back then?! Oh well! I never dreamed I'd be living back in my home town and I had never even heard of Fragile X at that time. Ignorance is bliss I guess! I was pregnant with David by that summer!

5 Things On My List To Do Today:
1. put on make up and do my hair
2. enjoy my last day of peace before spring break begins
3. Pay bills
4. Go grocery shopping
5. Get Easter basket stuff for the kids

Snacks I Enjoy...
I used to love the Hostess Crumb Coffee cakes but then I couldn't find them anymore. Then when we lived in AZ, I found them but they were made by Drake's. Then I couldn't find those anymore either. So I'm happy to say that Hostess has now started making them in the 100 Calorie packs! I get 3 little cakes for 100 calories and only 3 grams of fat! Perfect for my snack allotment with the Alli program! I also love King's Hawaiian Bread and I love Target's Market Pantry chocolate chip pecan petite cookies. All bad for me but that's what I love! I also really love Funyuns!

What Would I Do If I Were A Billionaire...
Build a custom home on a large piece of land that's not too far from civilization but far enough that we could have some animals, like maybe some ducks, horses, things like that! I would build it with a huge therapy room for David and Jonathan and I would build Nathan his own fantasy bedroom, reminiscent of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition rooms that they have done. Somethign really special just for Nathan! I would have a room for me to do all of my crafts, sewing, etc. A nice shop for Doug to do all of the projects he would love to do if he had the time and a place to do them.

Then I would donate a huge chunk of money to Fragile X research! I would put on an annual fund raiser event and hold some sort of small conference locally every other year, on the years that National Fragile X Foundation is not holding their international conference.

Other than that, I would try to find some way to repay my parents for all of their generousity over the years. They have done so much for us and I would love to be able to give some back.

3 of My Bad Habits:
1. clenching my jaw/grinding my teeth
2. picking at the dead skin on my lips
3. I am horribly forgetful and I keep forgetting to send pictures of the kids to my grandparents!

Places I Have Lived:
Visalia, CA
Provo, UT
American Fork, UT
Visalia, CA
Gilbert, AZ
Mesa, AZ
Visalia, CA

Last 5 Jobs I Have Had:
Invoicing and Billing for my dad
Receptionist at Associated Title
Policy Typist at Equity Title

5 Things People Don't Know About Me:
1. I intend to write a book one day for LDS families with children with disabilities
2. I am going back to school Fall 2008 see #5(probably 1 online class at a time)
3. I would rather speak in public than pray in public (ex: church)
4. I actually don't worry about Doug when he is working, not usually anyway.
5. I am planing to become a genetic counselor (like wonderful Louise Gane!)

Ok so that's it. Now I tag, my mom, Danika, Shea, FXSmom, Melissa Pace and Melissa Dixon!


Danika said...

Thanks a lot for the tag! Don't hold your breath. We are leaving tomorrow for vacation...
We miss you guys too! :)

The Young's said... didn't tell me you were going back to school! Shame on you! Just kidding. Thats great! :)

Sarah'sSmile said...

Ok on the school thing, you said Fall 2007, do you mean 2008? I hope so, unless you and Michael J Fox are going Back to the Future!