Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Budding Photographer

David has always loved to play with cameras. We used to buy him those disposable ones and figured that he would just keep using them but he always knew when the film ran out and then he wouldn't use them anymore! Last year, Grandma gave him and Nathan the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital cameras and they loved them. Nathan still uses his but David doesn't think it's a "real" camera now! He keeps saying he needs a "real" camera! He loves to take pictures. On Christmas eve he borrowed Aunt Mandy's camera and took some pictures and now every time he sees her, he wants to know where her camera is. She's promised to send me some of his shots when she can. He then borrowed my camera on New Year's Day and took some pictures at the park. He is actually getting pretty good and it's fun to see his viewpoint through the lens! Here's some of the pictures he took that day and some that I took of him on Christmas eve when he was taking pics with Mandy's camera. You can tell he's having the time of his life!


aisha said...

How fun for David! Bailey and Libby love to get a hold of our camera, too. They're really into making little movies as well as snapping pictures. I think it's great practice for them!