Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

We had a wonderful time at the Pace Family New Years Eve celebration! It was a blast! (Thanks Mom!) We had our traditional fondue which was delicious and then we munched on desert fondue the rest of the night! Hello!!!! Yummy cream puffs dipped in chocolate fondue! MMMMMMMM!!!!
The kids all donned their New Years hats and tiara (Katie) and then they finally went to bed.

With the kids in bed, what else is there for the adults to do but.... Play BUNCO!!!! We had a great time although neither Doug or I got any buncos and just didn't come out that well overall but it was still a fun night! My poor wrist was in no shape for bunco but I played anyway and paid for it later but that's ok!

Then we all donned our hats and tiaras and feather boas to ring in the new year with glasses of sparkling lemonade, and cider! After the new year, we released the balloons and started popping! We each got to pick 3 so we just went around the room. Everyone got a little something, gift cards to Jamba juice and In N Out or Fandango bucks. Some got money (I got a dollar! I got a dollar! I got a dollar! Hey, hey, hey, hey! --Little Rascals) and some got fortunes. It was a lot of fun!

Thanks again to Mom (and Dad) for all the hard work to make it all happen and to everyone else who helped out! It was a blast!