Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch with FACESS from Bright Start!

So Jonathan gets all his early intervention services through Bright Start birth to 3 program. Within Bright Start there is a group called FACESS. Don't ask me what it stands for but it's for kids who have autistic spectrum disorders or are at risk for them, including autism. So they had a group outing to the pumpkin patch this week and Jonathan and I went. Sadly they were quite low on pumpkins that day so we didn't get any. They had several big school groups there that morning and each of those kids got a pumpkin so they might have just been running low. I suspect that ALL their pumpkins aren't grown on that particular piece of land and thatn they bring more over periodically from other farm locations. Just a guess though. Anyway, we played in the "corn"box and took a ride in a wagon through the pumpkin patch, in search of a good pumpkin, and through the kiddie corn maze. We had a good time but Jonathan wasn't too thrilled with the corn maze and all that. It was pretty bumpy. I did get a few pictures there so here they are. Jonathan enjoyed playing with all the dried corn in the "corn"box. He also loved the sound of it when we picked it up and let it fall back down.

Jonathan and Susan playing with the corn