Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Wright's Blog is Born

So I am finally starting my blog. I know it's a little late coming but better late than never. We have been staying very busy here. David is in 2nd grade this year and is doing really well! His new love is basketball. He took one of his own balls to school and they keep it there for him to play with at recess. He has started sharing his ball with his friends sometimes and playing together with other kids at school. He makes about 4-6 baskets at each recess according to his aide.

Nathan started kindergarten this year and he loves it. He is making friends and learning lots. He also started soccer this week. He loves it and was actually pretty good at it. He can hardly wait for his next practice. His first game is next Saturday. He's also learning to golf with Grandpa. Grandpa even let him drive the golf cart, with assistance of course!

Jonathan is a complete joy for the whole family. He is growing like a weed and changing all the time. He is 8 months old now. He is very close to sitting alone and crawling. He loves to get on his hands and knees and just rock back and forth like he's about to take off like a rocket. He is so smiley and happy all the time and he loves to laugh, especially at his big brothers. He loves to give "hugs" where he grabs both sides or your face or hair with both hands and just pulls you toward him for a hug or a kiss. He is holding his own bottle now and he loves that.

We are looking forward to Halloween. David and Nathan have been trying on their costumes almost every day. David is going to be the Blue Ranger and Nathan is the Red Ranger. Jonathan is going to be a scarecrow. His costume fits him perfectly and he looks so cute in it!

More to come when I get the time! Love to you all from the California Wrights!


Jared said...

I love it Tiff! I wish we had a web site we could all post to - to keep each other updated on everything we're all doing. Can we do that here? Love the pictures too. - Jared

Jamie said...

Love the blog I am so happy I am going to be able to keep up on your cute family now! I put a link from my site to yours so I can visit often. Talk to you soon!

Shawnna3 said...

Hey Tiff, I am so happy that you are doing good. It was nice to talk to you at church on Sunday. We need to get together and do dinner. well talk to you soon.